Friday, June 28, 2013

How Did That Happen? Happy Anniversary!

In choosing, and living and growing, how did we know that we would grow so in love.
We didn't  know we would grow in love.
We chose to grow and grow, every day choosing to grow in love.
We chose to not let our love die.
We have chosen to respect.
We have chosen to not put down or intimidate.
We have chosen to treat each other as we wish we were being treated.
We've chosen to be the other ones #1 cheerleader.
We have realized that we can't let our selfishness rule us, threaten us.
We've chosen to be each other's best friend.
We've chosen to not let desire and pursuit of things and people and interests pull us apart.
It has been a choice, a double choice.
It's not always easy to do the right thing.
It is always worth it.
We aren't perfect.
Ha ha. Surprising I know!
We've made each other mad.
We've messed up.
We've had to say I'm sorry at the end of the day,
to say I love you at the end of the day and mean it, even if we didn't feel it.
Morning and evening, always and forever, first words and last words,
"I love you. I love you too."
We choose.
We've chosen to mend disagreements quickly.
We've learned that some things just aren't worth fighting over.
Let it go!
So love can grow!
When you tend love, nurture love, refuse to let love die,
Storms come, hard times strain and pull at love.
Darkness and shadows shroud trust.
Weakness and discouragement pulls at life and resolve.
Sometimes it's hard to laugh at the circumstances,
To laugh at us.
But in choosing and living and growing, choosing to not let love die,
Our love has grown.
It has taken two.
Both of us, committed choosing.
One or the other of us couldn't have grown this alone.
Each of us has given 200%.
Nope! Never!
We couldn't have grown our love alone.
One being selfish, uncaring, unloving,
The other always giving in and making amends just wouldn't have worked for us.
How has that happened?
It's in choosing and living and growing... refusing to let love die,
 our love has grown.
Happy Anniversary to my one and only.
Always and forever yours I will be!

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Donnie Pirtle said...

Beautiful! Your love for each other
does show in your everyday life. Loving does take commitment, to the everything, from both for a marriage to work happily.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Have a wonderful day.