Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Family Reunion 2013

 Every two years my nine siblings and I and all the family members possible get together for reunion.  Anyone else that we can cajole into coming is welcome too.  This year, family began to come in on Tuesday morning, July 2nd, and the last family members will head home this coming Friday morning, but the actual reunion was scheduled from Thursday evening through Sunday's noon meal, July 4th - 7th.
Attendance was down this year with only 47 of our family eating together at one specific meal.  It was exciting to read what my nieces and nephews posted on facebook about how they had enjoyed reunion. While it was family from the past that brought us together, it is the family in the present who moves us toward the future.  Family ties transcend time and space. 
 That concept amazes me.
 We had lots of visits on the porch.
 We participated in a myriad of activities at my brother's farm.
 We ate many family meals together under the tent.
 There were no mishaps, no angry words, no arguments. 
 I appreciate everything that my family did to make this event happen once again.  There were thousands of miles driven and schedules rearranged. 
 I am blessed.
 I am very very blessed indeed.
The light of love shines brightly on the Easley family.

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Attic Clutter said...

oh that is so fun to have a family reunion(:)
love that good looking cinnamonrollpancke (:) yummm