Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It Really Counts

I have a friend that I've known since 1996.  She's not the kind of friend that I call or text or meet occasionally for lunch.  She's never been to my home, nor have I been to hers. I would consider her to be a casual business acquaintance.
 However, she's had profound impact on my life.
  She's older than I and as a prominent business woman in town, she has at times advised me towards valuable and wise business decisions.
 This past October, with her smile and hug, she unexpectedly pulled me right into her group of business associates.
  The conversation that ensued with that group of business people was invaluable to my husband and me.
 That "coincidental" meeting laid the groundwork for a series of events that has positively affected our business.
It's interesting to me that we aren't close friends.
She's the kind of friend that I may see across a crowded gathering of people and our eyes meet and we make our way to each other and hug and look right into each others eyes, and with excitement ask, "How are you?"
  And we each smile our big "teethy" grins and say, "Fine, fine, I'm really fine!" 
Then we conclude with, "Oh it's been SO good to see you again.  Take care!"
 Our ways part. 
 That's the extent of our conversation and the same thing happens the next time we see each other. 
This happened to me yesterday in one of our quaint eating establishments downtown.
Yes, once again, I am set to pondering our friendship.
I ponder how dear she is to me.
She's a cancer survivor.
I perceive that she is living life largely.
If you've read my blog for any length of time, you may have picked up on the fact that I believe every moment matters,
 every decision has a consequence, good or bad. 
 Making the best choices always, doing the right thing every time, will lead to a more positive life, a life well lived. 
 I believe I should do the right things, even in the hard times, even when I don't want too.
So I ponder my friendship with this beautiful lady.  I try to learn from her. 
 I don't believe that she knows how much I respect her, and I should probably tell her. 
 I wonder why we are friends. 
 I wonder why our paths have crossed repeatedly across time.
I know nothing happens by accident. 
 I wonder what my life is saying? 
 Am I having a positive impact on others? 
 Every word once it is spoken cannot be recalled.
  Every action once taken cannot be undone.
Hhmmm pondering. 
What are your thoughts?


Willow said...

You are very thoughtful and kind hearted!

Attic Clutter said...

wonderful story(:) it really means alot..I know everyone we meet along our path in life has a special place and meaning(:) some are just more special then others