Friday, February 26, 2010

A Disclaimer!

I said I be back...probably Wednesday! Well, it's Friday. But you already knew that didn't you?
Several of you have told me that you use my blog list to find some of your favorite blogs. There are things I'd like to change about my side bar. My blog list has been one of them.
My disclaimer:
Recently, I was going through my blog list to see which ones were still current or posting. I found one of them no longer takes me to my friend's lovely blog site, but instead right in my face was a not so nice place to visit.
I just want any of you who may use my list to visit other blogs, to know that I don't promote sites that are unwholesome.
In her defense:
My friend has deleted the blogs she has started several times. I know that she deleted this blog also, but I just didn't take it from my list in case she started it again. In the mean time, obviously somehow something very inappropriate took it's place. I know that she did not do this. I should have deleted the unused blog from my list sooner.
I am sorry if this has offended anyone who reads my blog. It has always been my intent to uplift you or inspire you or cause you to think of something you would not have otherwise, when you visit A Romantic Porch.
Can you please accept my apology? Many of you know that the new buzz word for the decade is that we are moving from the "digital decade" to the decade of the "connected culture". Technology is an amazing thing, but I don't want to be caught in the clutches of the downside of it. I want to use it for good things and to promote good concepts and ideas.
I hope you have a wonderful day.


Connie said...

I could not agree with you more, sugar! I, too, have been to sites that I would deem inappropriate and quickly take them off my Google Reader list, which is my blog list. I was very amazed that one very popular woman had some rather "private p*rn thoughts up when I visited her. I quickly took her off my blog roll. I do not promote those kinds of sites or behavior, either. Good for YOU!!!

Claudia said...

Of course you didn't mean to offend - that stuff happens. I've hit links before that took me to places I would NEVER visit. I'm always a bit shocked when that happens! Now that you've posted this, it strikes me that I should check my blog roll, too! Have a great weekend, Rachel dear.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

You mustn't worry. It could happen to any of us! I took one off my blog roll as well. The choice is ours to make. We should probably ALL check our blog rolls. I have noticed that some have not posted in months and months. ?? Should I leave them or take them down. I think I will start removing them.

Esther said...

No apology needed for me! I know your heart!

Love you!


Cottage Rose said...

I don't think that one person here thinks you would have done makes so angry when some nasty people use the internet for such garbage,, so we are all with you here,, I think I should check my blog list as well... thanks for sharing that with us.. have a great weekend.

Stella said...


Anyone who know you is aware you wouldn't do anything to offend anyone or be party to. So no need to apologize for something you have not control over. Stella

sanjeet said...
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