Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Fun Project

Since the end of October, I've had the opportunity to do alot of alterations and redesigns for a local formal wear store.
This has been my favorite one so far. I'm trying to figure out how to get my photos to look the way I want them to in this new computer, and I still haven't mastered it. I're sayin', "duh". But I'm just not that savvy with all this stuff and my time is absolutely not my own to just sit and figure it out because I want too. So here is my best attempt.
This semi formal was once a long dress with an intricate line of beads and sequins around the bottom edge of the top layer of 7, yes 7 layers of netting and fabric. Did that make sense? WE wanted to keep that beautiful line of beads. I didn't want to resew all of them! It was interesting to decide how to keep them.

The beautiful girl was wearing this for her 16th birthday party. It was shortened to just below knee length.
I took out the zipper and made a corset back. She wore pink satin "ballet slippers" and a tiara.

She was gorgeous and so very excited.

Her parents allow her and her 3 sisters to have one big birthday party...their 16th. They rented a hall and invited about 100 friends and family.

The decorations sounded fabulous.

What a fun fun project.
Annie and Jasmine, if you read this, thank you for the opportunity to have a tiny part in making your memory.

Thank you so much for leaving comments in the post below letting me know that it is apparently just my screen that is not allowing me to see everything on my blog.

It is snowy and slick and cold here. I'm about ready to poke my head out from my cozy surroundings and slide off to work.

Have a wonderful day y'all. And I'll be back.



Ronda said...

You are amazing, girl! Just think...You are helping to make dreams come true! :)
It was so nice to see you the other evening...

Rita said...

I admire that you can do alterations. I sew, but for myself and used to my mother, but not for other people. Hang in there and you will learn the pictures too!

Esther said...

Wow, how gorgeous! You did an amazing job! It turned out beautifully! That girl will have special memories her whole life of how beautiful she looked!

Stay warm and safe!

Love you, Esther

Claudia said...

Hi Rachel! What a lovely job you did on that dress. That young girl will always remember you and your loving alterations! You are so talented.


Rebecca said...

Dear are sooooo incredibly gifted. I'm in shock over what you have done. GORGEOUS doesn't even come close to describing what you have done.

I'm sooo in awe of you.

Love, Rebecca

Cottage Rose said...

My goodness Rachele;;you are so amazing with needle and thread... that dress is so Gorgeous,, love it..she must have looked like a Princess in it... what a great way to celebrate 16..(sigh).....


Our Back Porch said...

Gorgeous!! What a lucky girl!
You are awesome!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

That dress is just beautiful. Just beautiful! How wonderful it must be to be able to do something like that!!

pse said...

I'm curious to know how you moved the beaded hem up. I can't think of an easy way.

Penny said...

you did an amazing job on the dress- I'm sure the young lady was thrilled with it. You are so talented.

sanjeet said...
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