Thursday, September 10, 2009

September's Porch

Wow! It's hard to believe that is is already September isn't it? This month I would like you to meet Traci. She is a new blogging friend who loves old houses and porches. When I meet someone who lives in an old house, I know I've met a person who shares the common joys of old home living! You will enjoy visiting Traci's blog, Cottage With The Red Door, but first let me share with you, her beautiful photos and what she had to say."My porch is a classic colonial porch. My home was built in 1920.We recently did a lot of work to the front porch. The previous owners had it confused for a Victorian and had painted the porch a lot of different colors. Colors I didn't quite understand such as gold, green, grey,
black and red. So with primer in hand we painted it more traditional white and I painted the front door red.

It is currently decorated for fall. I love the old gate. I tend to leave it out year round just changing the decorations on it.
That being said I tend to break all the colonial rules and lean towards cottage decorating on my porch. I love to decorate for every season.
The chair is a recent addition this summer and I just replaced the geraniums with mums for fall. You can't tell from the pics but on the front door I applied the saying "There's no place like home" and for me there's no place like my front porch!"

Traci, thank you so much for taking time to share your beautiful romantic porch with us. It brings me joy to see a home owner's expression of love through their porch. And you have truly expressed yourself in a wonderful way.

xo rachel


Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Rachel,
What a beautiful porch Traci has! She just won my giveaway so I am familiar with her lovely blog. Thanks for featuring her porch; it's been a treat! Have a lovely day.


Stella said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely porch. I'll run over and visit her.

Kathi said...

Oh I love this porch and this house. She does a great job of decorating and landscaping along the sides. Thank you Rachel for sharing Traci's porch. I'll stop over and visit her.


Connie said...

My favorite colors for a home are white, black trim and red door. I WILL have it within a few years. I cannot justify painting it now since it's only 4 years old and Love Bunny wouldn't quite go for it, but soon, very soon, chickee!! Beautiful home.

Ronda said...

Just beautiful! :) So glad that you shared Traci's lovely house and porch with us...

Traci said...

Oh Rachel you did a great job! I love it. I feel so honored to be asked to do this on your beautiful blog! Thanks again! Hugs, Traci

Claudia said...

I always love to see pretty porches! Traci has a beautiful home.

Alison Gibbs said...

Rachel what a wonderful porch and home Traci has.

Stacey said...

Absolutely beautiful. :) This is the kind of porch we all dream of.