Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Lighthearted Thought

I've heard people say the phrase "exact same". Have you?
As in, "I had the exact same thought." Or, "My house has the exact same floor plan."
Ev'.ry. bo.dy. it!
I've done it! Yes I have.
News reporters say it. It's written in books and articles.
I've noticed it.
Start listening. You'll hear it too.
Anytime we want to make sure that what we are talking about is absolutely known to be exactly the same, we say it.
Isn't that the exact same thing?
Is it just me, or have you noticed the EXACT SAME thing?
Just checkin'!
xo rachel


Esther said...

I have heard that phrase - thought the exact same thing about other phrases, as well! :)

I hope you have a lighthearted day!

Love, Esther

Stacey said...

We say the exact same thing in our house. :)

Claudia said...

Oh, you're right! A little redundancy in that phrase, isn't there? You made me laugh!

Mr Poe said...

Is "zac same" the exact same?