Friday, September 11, 2009

My Home Sweet Home

God Bless America
Land that I love.
Stand beside her,
And guide her,
Through the night,
With the light from above.
From the mountains
To the praires
To the oceans
White with foam.
God Bless America,
Home Sweet Home.


blushing rose said...

Never to forget. We have an in-law in the buildings that collapsed, her tales of horror are deafening. Another in-law was in the air, his plane was landed within seconds in the middle of the USA. We had a friend that was sitting at a desk where the Pentagon was hit directly, who was severely burned & seen on TV running out of that hole ... God bless them all. Have a lovely weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Amen, Rachel...Amen. I can't hear or sing that song without a big old lump in my throat or a tear in my eye. May we never forget what happened, and never forget what binds us...


Diva Dee said...

I am remembering today too, and praying for the America that I love so much! Thanks for the sweet post today.

Esther said...

Beautiful reminder. Thank you for sharing.

Donna Lynn said...

Hey there Rachel,
Love your blog post today, we have been watching Fox News, and reliving that terrible day 8 yrs. ago. My sons both said they couldn't believe it had been that many years, that it seemed like just yesterday, I agree! I am praying for our country, even more so in the light of recent events, (since Jan. if you get my meaning...). Hope all is well in your world, I have been pretty absent this summer, Josh broke his leg and I have just not had time with that and all the weddings going on!

Would love to hear about your summer!
Donna Lynn

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Amen!! Thank you for this lovely post!