Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hattie? Where Are You? It's about the give away!

(sung to the tune of Where has my little dog gone?)
Where, oh where has Hattie gone?
Oh where, oh where can she be?
For this give~a ~way...
...that she won the other day.
I must find out where she's gone!
Sweet blog readers thank you so much for your ideas of turning finding Hattie into a game. If I knew how to make one of those cute little widget thingies with a looking for Hattie sign, I would. Then you could post it on your blogs, and maybe we could find her. Please spread the word for me.
When I have a give away, I write every one's name down and draw from a bowl. I am honest about it. (now I know this method won't work when I have my $1,000,000.00 give away and have several hundred thousand comments...just so you know wink wink) However with that being said, if I can't find Hattie in a few days, I will draw another name.
This was Hattie's comment.
Hattie said...
I love your blog and have it on my favorites. Tho I do not have a blog, can I still enter your give-away? I love the doily. So dainty and so vintage. Thanks.Hattie
Of course, Hattie, you can enter my give away without a blog! I am honored to have you. But I don't know where you are. Please come back!
With deepest regret, if I don't hear from Hattie this week, I will draw another name on Friday evening from all of the previous give away comments and the comments left on THIS very posting...let's just ramp this up a notch and have a little more fun. Thanks for spreading the word about Hattie!
If you'd like to see what the give away was, click here.
Oh and by the way...if you DON'T have a blog, Pallllleeeeezzee (please!) leave an email address.
Thank you so much!
Love, Rachel


Stella said...

How nice of you to have a treasure hunt along with a give away. I hope you find Hattie after she left such a sweet comment.

TattingChic said...

I've seen this happen before and the blog give-awayER had to do a re-draw because the give-awayEE was not contactable! I think that's why you'll see a lot of people saying with their giveaways that "You MUST leave contact info an email address or something in your comment to be entered". I have the blog rule. It's just nice to be able to inform the winner in case they don't visit the blog regularly as you WELL know by now, LOL! You are nice to hold out for this long.

Donnie said...

Dear Rachel,
I drove the highway about 30 miles today. My grandson and I looked and even stopped and got a watermelon and some "snapdragon pops" kind of like firecrackers, that you through on the ground to make them pop. We didn't see find Helen at either one of those places! Maybe you will draw my name next time.
Have a wonderful day.
Love you, Donnie

texasdaisey said...

I sure hope you find Hattie. It is such a shame to have such a nice giveaway and the winner not be able to get it.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I ran outside...called and called...she didn't answer.
Call another name...LOL
Just kidding... :)
No...honest...I'm really just kidding!
Do you see the hour? That's my only excuse..I need sleep!

Kelee Katillac said...

Hi Rachel--Love your porch pic below!!!!!!!!

love, kelee

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