Thursday, June 4, 2009

It Is Worth More Than That!

Thank you so much to everyone who visited "A Romantic Porch" during Rhondi's porch party. I enjoyed having you immensely. I am still trying to get around to all of you, so thank you for your patience with me.
I found this candle, candle holder and candle ring, that I've been using on our porch table at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago. It was marked 25 cents and I scooped it up so fast, the poor little 'darlin's' head was spinning! Or something like that! Woohoo! I loved this. There are a lot of places in my home I could use it. But I decided to put it on the porch...for now!
The next day when I took it out of the sack to clean everything before I set it out, I turned the candle over, and the candle had a sticker for 50 cents. My heart sank. I didn't see that before I made the purchase. I wondered what the people having the sale thought when I paid them a measly quarter for the whole ensemble? Oh I know that you can barter on the price of items at a yard sale, but I hadn't done that. My intent was to pay the "asking" price. I put everything back in the sack.
The next evening when I had a chance to drive to the sale, I took my 25 cent purchase back. When the lady having the sale saw me walking up she said, "Oh no, you're not bringing something back are you?" I laughed and told her what happened. I told her I honestly didn't see that the candle was priced separately. She said they never noticed either. She said, "Now honey, just go ahead and take that and have a good day. That will repay you for your honesty!" Well, OK...but, I insisted on paying because after all that is why I had gone back. Of course to be polite, I felt I should "shop" their sale again, just in case I should fine some more great bargains! (wink) I had the lady keep my previous purchase while I "shopped". I chuckled as I overheard her telling the other "money collectors" sitting on the porch why I had come back. They couldn't believe it.
As I was leaving the lady told me that things like this always come back around to you. I thought about that.
I would think of doing nothing less.
It was only a grand total of 75 cents and it is worth more than that.
Yes, I learned a long long time ago, my
CONSCIENCE. is. worth. more. than. that!

Have an adventure filled day.
Love, Rachel


Dori said...

You sound like me. I've underpaid by a penny before and have gone back!

Kathi said...

Rachel, You are so cute. I do the same thing. I love the way you put it that your conscience is worth more than that. Yay. God bless you today. Kathi

Becca's Dirt said...

That was very nice of you. Honesy does pay off. I am a firm believer of that.

Dawn said...

Great story. The world needs more people like you.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Rachel,
Don't you feel good after having done that? I've done that before too and I know the Lord is always pleased with us when we are honest!
"What goes around, comes around," my hubby always says. Have a wonderful day.


Claudia said...

Oh I know, Rachel, I am the same way. You have to listen to your conscience. Life is just easier that way! And, of course, what goes round, comes round.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said... get what you give! :) Good for you! A very good policy...honesty! :)
~smiles and love~

Donnie said...

Dear Rachel,
God Bless you, what would our
world be like if all people did the honest,right thing in all areas of life?
Have a blessed day.
Love you, Donnie

Feedsack Fantasy said...

You wonderful Rachel, you! IF only there were more of you walking this earth. I, too, would have done the same ... you are twice blessed. TTFN ~ Marydon

Mindy said...

I have a strong conscience also. The other day I was given to much 8 cents.... and I gave it back.:)

Esther said...

Proud of you! And beautiful candle!! I'm so happy you found it a home!

Love, Esther

Linda said...

So true, good on you for going back.
Cheers Linda