Sunday, June 8, 2014

This Is What I Do is not always gentle.

In January I flew.
We had such a cold and snowy winter,
so it was a reprieve to go where there
was no snow.
Upon my return it was interesting to see
a distinct line
where the snow began.
I was returning to 16 degrees Fahrenheit,
and cold frigid winter.
Were it not for the perspective
of seeing the snow line from above the earth
it would have been easy to think that everyone
was enjoying snow.
Because "my world"
was covered and wrapped
 entirely in snow.
 is how we
can attempt
to see things
 from a different point of view.
When I was expecting our first born son,
I began to wonder,
what my perspective would be,
if I could see life through the eyes of
the blessed mother,
of the Christ Child.
I'm sure it wasn't easy
to travel in the condition in which she found herself.
Did she long for her circumstances to be different?
Did she have a willing heart?
Did she have a hopeful heart?
Was she resisting every change?
Or was she pursuing the future?
We can't know the answer,
but I believe anyone
 (any woman at least)
would have enough perspective to say,
Mary was walking through some really hard times.
But God provided a place:
in a manger.
God provided a protector:
in Joseph.
God provided for physical needs:
in the Magi who brought expensive gifts.
God provided love:
in adoring shepherds.
God provided celebration:
in the chorus of Heavenly Angels.
I have no way of knowing
 your perspective.
I have no way of truly knowing
 the depths of your pain.
I have no way of knowing
 the arduous journey you are travelling.
But I do know that God will provide.
I do know
Feel blessed today.


Gloria Snelling said...

Rachel, you have such a gift of writing! Enjoyed your latest!

Donnie Pirtle said...

Wow, beautifully written. We do know, God is in control, for that I am most thankful. Have a wonderful day.

esther said...

What a comforting thing to know. Thank you for sharing.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

To feel the love is a wonderful thing. You sent out that feeling in your post today.
GOD is Love!

Balista said...

I like the way of your writing skills. You really engage the readers. Very well written post. Enjoyed a lot.