Monday, February 20, 2012

Yellow Fluff

A dozen little miracles have been nestled in this climate controlled environment.

All by themselves, one fluffy yellow chick after another emerged, much to the delight of the children in the classroom. Have you ever seen a chick hatch? It's exciting!
They are anxious to eat and drink and look up to the camera and say hi to you!

Baby chicks...aahhh. They are like a sweet promise of Spring.



Mom Going said...

Oh my, how cute!!!

Donnie said...

I remember waiting anxiously in the
spring for the little chicks to break out of the shell. Exciting to see how fast they grow.
I know how much you look forward to and look for you plants to start pushing through the frozen ground.
Have a good day as we push forward to God's sunshine in and through our lives.

Amanda Pittman said...

So cute! I loved doing the farm animals unit study in my student teaching days. Especially when we got to see the baby chicks hatch :)

Are your flowers poking their heads through yet? I'm just waiting out here in KS, as we have been having 50* days!

Esther said...