Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sports Again? Really?

On Friday Philip left. I told you about that a couple of postings ago. There were morning tasks and appoints and then the typical hurry scurry to get to my particular responsibility that was calling. As I drove I turned on the radio. I typically do not enjoy listening to the radio. I enjoy the peace and quiet. I enjoy looking at the trees and nature around me and observing the activities of other drivers. I enjoy the absence of noise and chatter that sometimes fill the airwaves. I like to think up new ideas for design arrangements or figure out how to make a fashion that I'm working on fit the client the way it should. I like to think my own thoughts.

When I do happen to listen to the radio, I'm selective in my choice. On Friday as my ear tuned into the mid-sentence of a speaker who caught my attention, I was captivated as he told a story about playing basketball that I cannot begin to repeat for lack of recalling all the details. However the essence of what he said, that was of interest to me, was this: In basketball, you cannot just simply stand on the court and hold the ball. The clock is running. AND he went on to say life is like that: The clock is running, the players are in place, you've been put in the game, this game. The ball is in your hands, so play ball. Get in the game and simply PLAY BALL.

At that point I quickly reached up and with a flick of my wrist, flipped the switch to turn off the radio. I already knew everything he was saying was true, but I wanted to ponder and mull his words a little more, in silence. Somehow through what the speaker said, my courage was renewed. I love it when that happens!

Once again, I realized that I was to play the game, in which I had been placed, to the best of my ability. I was to focus. I was to work with those around me as a team. I was to score and if possible win. Nevertheless, I was to play to the best of my ability.

As my day took shape, I attempted to stayed focused on the goal and the score clock. I kept putting one ball in the basket after another and now here I am. It's Tuesday. I can't change any of those past days. I just know I was in the game and playing ball to the best of my ability. I'm STILL in the game.

So once again I'm off to...what else...play ball! Um or fix supper!



Donnie said...

Rachel you continue to amaze me at how you can get your thought so well down on "paper". We could all use more silence in our lives, so we can hear what God is trying to get us to hear. I seek to hear Him more clearly and follow.
I am cheering you on as you play your daily games. Love you!

Special 'K' said...

A wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

FrancisMoore said...

Thanks for a good post with many ideas to ponder. Francis Moore

Esther said...

A great analogy! And a wonderful challenge! Thanks for sharing!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

What a great post....thank you for sharing it. Nice to see your comment on my blog....hope to see you back again soon.