Friday, May 14, 2010

All In All Life's An Adventure

I've been to Antarctica
and the Sahara Desert.
I swam with a few sharks...well, maybe not!
However, from Continent to Continent it was an adventure all seen through the excitement of our little girl and the lens of the camera on my phone.
It was a whirl wind trip right through the fabulous confines of the Indianapolis zoo!
I hope you enjoyed it too!
Life just moves along at a dizzying pace. Doesn't it?
But all in all life's an adventure!
I hope you're enjoying it too!

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leigh said...

I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to invite you to join in The Happiness Project. Every Tuesday I host a link round up. All you have to do is post a photo of something that makes you happy. It's that simple. I am trying to take over the blogosphere with happiness.

Here is this week's post if you want to check it out.