Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beads Beads and More Beads

She wanted beads. And SO we did beads...and beads and more beads and we all loved it! The camera on my phone doesn't do this justice of course. If you could see it, I think you'd love it too!
Some day, maybe soon I will quit posting about all these "fashion projects". I've got a bunch of other stuff rattling around in my head to tell you about. But for now, I'm headed to the sewing machine. Only 5 to go to be done for this week's deadlines. Yahoo!
And did I ever tell you that Spring is my favorite time of year? I'm breathing in every moment of fresh crisp air possible and loving all the flowering trees and new GREEN everywhere!!!


Rita said...

Oh what a gorgeous top with all the beading. You do lovely work. I too love Spring!

Stella said...

Love, love, love all the beads. How beautiful. We are having a lovely spring!

Esther said...

How beautiful! Thanks for taking time to show us!

Enjoy your beautiful Spring!

Love, Esther

Gloria Snelling said...

You did an awsome job. Thanks for posting the picture. It was great seeing you and getting to talk with you. Love you.


Hi Rachel..
......did I ever tell you my best neighborhood friend in grade school was a Rachel (:) pretty beaded top..

Rue said...

The beads are beautiful Rachel! You've been so busy!! I hope things slow down for you so that you can enjoy the beautiful Spring weather :)

Happy Mother's Day!

love to you,