Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The winter has been long and cold. Sometimes the house has been cold! There has been LOTS of snow. I'm always looking for signs of spring. I see a few. For the most part the snow is melted except for the huge dirty piles that are mounded up on the edges of parking lots all over town.
But there is beauty in winter too. We've had fabulous displays of what some people refer to as frozen fog. The trees were breathtaking.
I've learned a lot of winter time lessons. I'm ready to inhale the fresh air of spring. And exhale
to new life.
I want to make each moment count. I don't want to speed through life working hard and harder without purpose. There must be purpose and intent or it is meaningless to me.
So are you seeing signs of spring in your little corner of the world?


Claudia said...

Yes, some small signs - more birds, the hint of hostas coming up in the ground. Today I plan to go outside and see what else might be emerging!


Rita said...

Yes, my daffodils are in bloom and it is 79 here today! It was 37 this morning!!! Trees are budding out and it is welcome. We have had a long cold winter here too.

The Going Blog said...

Walking out on your front porch, after a fabulous birthday dinner, I smelled spring. There was just enough moisture to wet the dirt and I smelled the recognizable scent of spring. Yea!


What a beautiful post Rachel. We do need to enjoy all the seasons but I am definitely looking forward to spring. I saw beautiful wild flowers popping up today and lots of bunnies playing around here.


English Cottage in Georgia said...

The trees are lovely even in Winter, but happily is is warming in my part of the country - Middle Georgia. The rain has subsided and the sun is shining...hopefully, I can work in the yard tomorrow.

Under the Willow said...

The pictures of the trees in the snow are just beautiful ~ greener grass here are the little signs of spring ~ during the hot hot summer I will miss my little snow laced trees!