Monday, May 11, 2009

Just Writing What I'm Thinking!

Did you enjoy your weekend? I did, however we were quite busy.
I don't usually think of Mother's Day being a celebration of "me", even though I have children.
I think of Mother's Day more in terms of my own dear mother who is gone, and my sweet Mother in love who lives several hours away.
Yesterday, I used little note cards and wrote heart felt "mother thoughts" to my children and my husband. I don't know if it meant as much to them to receive it and it did for me to write it, but I never want my Mr. RP or my children to question my love for them. I really don't think they question my love for them, but I wanted them to have a handwritten sentiment, straight from my heart...not something penned by the poetic thoughts of another hand.

As women and mothers it is so easy to fall into the rut of pleasing others, and making sure we meet all the expectations and demands that other people put on us. These expectations may only be perceived as real. As I seek balance in my life, I am reminded that my immediate family is my first responsibility. I'm not saying that other people don't matter. I'm just saying that when I'm faltering to meet ALL those demands, my husband and children stand to lose out the most. They are my first responsibility. If I neglect them...anything I may do for others is a lame victory.
Well, now how did I get off on this? I don't know if it even makes sense because I just kinda went with what started flowing from my fingers.
When I took the photos for this posting I was thinking that I wanted to answer the comment left a few days ago about the color of the paint on our that's another post for another day, because my kids need some breakfast, and in this balanced life I'm trying to live, that comes first!
Oh I hope I haven't sounded harsh or rude. I'm so aware that the things we write don't always mimic what we feel in our heart. When it is printed on a page, if it is not carefully written the interpretation of what we say is at the mercy of the reader. Please have mercy on me today sweet readers! I know your Monday's are crazy busy too, so have a wonderful one! I've gotta scoot!
Love, Rachel


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you're saying - I'm the one who asked for the paint color - but like you, my family is my first priority. I feel guilty sometimes for not doingt more for others but there is only so much time in a day and we have to do what's in our heart first. As someone who has also lost their mother, I treasure those notes she left me telling me how much she loved me and how proud she was of me.
Susan @ Katy Cottage

Mom Going said...

I'm glad you had a happy Mother's day and I hope this week is especially special also, as you will be having another birthday.

Love you,

Ronda said...

Enjoyed your beautiful thoughts, Rachel! I understand. I know just how much your Mom meant to you....I love the idea of handwritten notes, too. So special. XXOO

Michele said...

Good morning Rachel ~ I, too, know exactly what you're saying. Family comes it should!

I'm so glad you enjoyed your mother's day...and what a great idea with writing notes...I might have to adopt that idea! I thought alot yesterday about my mother who is I do everyday. I try to leave things for my children so they will have memories of me when I am gone.


Esther said...

What a sweet idea to write notes to your family! I know they treasure them - and will even more as they grow older!

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Love you!


Brenda Leyland said...

Of course mercy flows.... so does grace! And thank you for sharing your heart thoughts with us.

I fall right into your own thoughts about handwritten notes for special ones. Sometimes there is a real 'grace' where the words swirling in one's heart actually comes out in a way that makes sense on paper too! That's when it matters to go with the flow.

And, like you, I believe our family should have our first commitment. In an ideal world, if every person took care to love and honour those in their own circle, we wouldn't have those amongst us who needed to look elsewhere for love. For everyone would be loved. Alas, our world is far from perfect and there are many among us who have never received love from those closest to them, so that's where we allow some time and space to love those who have never received it from their own.

For me, that works best when I allow God to whisper to my own heart who He wants me to help and love, knowing that He has others who will love on those I cannot or am not able to.

Not sure if that makes sense. I'm writing this on a whim, as I was really on my way to get the vacuum cleaner (I really need to love on my carpets for a few minutes - smile).

Thanks for thinking aloud and giving us glimpses into the beauty of your own heart!

Brenda said...

You're right. We want to help all the needy people out there, but first and foremost we have to take care of those on the home front. And when you're writing, thoughts are just flowing. That's how it's meant to be!

Rebecca said...

Dear NazGal...

I can relate to your feelings my friend! My hubby comes first! If I don't get something else done, so-be-it. When my children were little I too often put them AFTER the demands of my day...a true regret!

Now that I know better I do better. If it takes me three days to do something that should take one...well...oh well!

I understand your heart's cry...Oh...and the notes you day they will treasure them...promise!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I think I understand..and I think anyone who reads your post will understand. I have found that one of the wonderful things about this community of bloggers, is that nearly all of us have been through similar experiences. You sound like a darned good mother and that you would be the best possible friend. I loved that you wrote from your heart.

Joy said...

Family first and wonderful words. Glad you had a nice mother's day too.

The Cottage Girl said...

I agree with your wanting to write your own sentiment. I trained my children and husband to not just sign a card but add their own thoughts at the bottom as well! Now they all remember to do that.