Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trusting and Loving

It was 19 degrees that morning last week; cold and snowy. In the dark and quiet stillness of the predawn morning, we heard a woman's loud cries, "Help me, oh please someone help me!" Mr. and I rushed out the door, bare footed and sock footed. Dodging snow and slushy mud puddles we rushed to her, not knowing what we would find in the morning darkness. As we dialed 911 we called to her that we were coming. She was a new neighbor who had just moved in across the street.
She was lying on her sidewalk moaning in agony. Her husband had warned her that morning to be careful, but she'd slipped and she heard her leg snap.
Her baby was in her car along with her cell phone. While we waited for the ambulance to arrive, we arranged for the baby to come to our house. At this point she began to cry, because you're just not supposed to trust strangers you know. How sad that she'd just moved in across the street and we were strangers. We changed that!
But the baby, oh my, he had me at the first coo! We never took him from his seat until his auntie came to get him in a few minutes, but he looked around bright eyed and happy.
What's this got to do with love you say? Well, think about it! If you can totally trust someone, you can truly love them too.
I want to always be trust worthy.
Love, Rachel


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

You always are trustworthy, Rachel! Good thing you two were there to help. Off to look at the new porch featured, I haven't seen it yet!

Rachel said...

Oh my! I do hope she will heal well, and quickly. A broken leg and a wee one is no walk in the park...

Mommy said...

That was very sweet of you and your Hubby. I pray that I also will always be trustworthy!!! Your neighbor is in our prayers.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh Rachel! I am so glad your were this woman's neighbor! I hope she recovers quickly.

Carolyn said...

So good you were able to help your neighbour in her time of need.Love your new porch this month.
Take care,

Patti said...

Wow! Lucky you and your husband were there to help! I hope she's doing better. It's hard to trust but the bestest of friends start out as strangers.


Glenda said...

I can't imagine not wanting to trust someone to help you. But it's been proven that a lot of people don't and a lot of people would not have helped. Bless your hearts and love ya.


Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

Oh how good God is to let others hear our prayer- don't you know she was praying for someone to hear her call - 19 degrees so cold-and isn't it wonderful that He uses us as the answer to that prayer so many times!


Jean Tuthill said...

Thank God you heard her cries for help. It was so good of you to take care of her and the baby. I hope she gets well real quick. She'll remember your kindness forever.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Oh, my, you sure had an exciting morning! I bet you two are going to be really good friends from now on!


FrancisMoore said...

How wonderful that you heard her call. I pray that all is well.

Ronda said...

Poor thing! Hope that she is recovering nicely...She is blessed to have you for a neighbor! So glad you heard her calling!
(It was great to see you last night!)

countrygirl3031 said...

You are very trustworthy Rachel. I hope she is doing better..and healing. Let us know!


Claudia said...

Oh Rachel, thank God you and your husband were there to hear your neighbor's cries for help! Bless you both.

Kathryn Bechen said...

Indeed, you are a good Samaritan and thank you for sharing your story. How fortunate your neighbor was. :) Kathryn

KEITH said...


Esther said...

Proud of you! I'm so happy you were there to help her!

Love you!

Mona said...

Rachel, you sweet thing! How lucky she is to have you for a neighbor! The poor woman! Thank heavens you were home and heard her cries.
My sister in law just slipped on ice and fell recently and broke her wrist. It's funny, but for some reason I think of all the women I have met on here as "trustworthy"...
What a way to wake up and what a way for her to start her day! Goodness!

The Painted Garden said...

God Bless you for your kindness. I tripped over my dog while out walking last year and fell and broke my arm in four places. A wonderful lady came out of her house and stayed with me until the ambulance came. She even baby sat my dog ,Bentley, for two nights. I really feel that she was a guardian angel sent to take care of me and Bentley- just as you and your husband took care of the stranger who is no longer a stranger.
May you and your husband have a beautiful Valentine's Day.

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