Monday, December 2, 2013

I Can't Count That High

When I look out the upstairs windows,
 I see a perspective that is different from the first floor.
  It was early morning and the clouds were glowing.
At initial glance,
the clouds were densely scattered and foreboding. 
 However, after further observation, it was obvious that the sun was brilliantly shining behind them.
Obviously, time has not allowed me to post for several days,
 and especially during the Thanksgiving season,
 I have reflected on more blessings than I can count.
Unfortunately as I have reflected on blessings,
I have been reminded of so many failures.
When I begin to feel that twisting pain in my heart,
 over my failures and faults and shortcomings,
 and my ears burn as I remember all the things I do wrong
and I sigh and utter a whispered, "I'm so sorry,"
to the things I've said that I wish I would have left unsaid,
 I'm reminded there is a glowing LIGHT of blessing behind all the foreboding,
 all the faults,
and words spoken in haste,
and frustration.
I just need to change my perspective and look for the LIGHT
 and embrace it.
I seek the LIGHT with all my heart.
Yes, truly I have more blessings than I can count,
 but there are two that I will share here.
 I am so thankful for you. 
You read my blog,
 leave me comments,
 send me emails
 or texts
 or facebook messages
 or phone calls
 or personal words. 
 That means more than I can express,
 after sharing a tiny part of what goes on
 here on our "Romantic Porch".
  I am truly thankful for you!
  Ah yes, I met him on Thanksgiving Day
many years ago now. 
 Four years later he was my husband
 and I've never looked back! 
 I am blessed beyond measure by him,
to be with him.
I won't try to count any other blessings...
I simply can't count that high.
I know that people have moved on past November and the daily thankfulness and have turned their attention to all things Christmas, but if you want to share a thankful thought with me,
I would love to hear it!


Donnie Pirtle said...

Beautifully stated. I am thankful God has given you the ability to think so deeply and be able to put it into written words. We, I, am blessed beyond measure, I am thankful. Have a wonderful day!

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

I love this post and I think all of us sometimes need that different perspective. I love the picture and the clouds are just beautiful. I love your spirit my friend. I pray that you and your beautiful family have a blessed Holiday season and I look forward to always reading your blog.

pse said...

I'm thankful for you!
Glad you are my sister.