Friday, January 13, 2012

Bbbbrrrrr! It Is Cold

Today's temperature is 14 degrees F. with a wind chill of -3 degrees F. Most of yesterday the wind howled its' way across Indiana in what the weather man called a "Skipper". Last night "Skipper" continued to howl. "Skipper" must have felt very lonesome. He sounded lonesome anyway. So this morning I'm sure the sun will rise and chase his lonesome blues away, but he's making sure we know he has been here.

Is it true that bears hibernate in the winter? If so, I think I know why! Sorta sounds fun today.

But I didn't have to get up and build a fire to warm the house and our cars have heaters, so life is good, yes, very off to school and work we go.


Have a good day where you are? Is it warm and sunny there? UUmmm no don't tell me.


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Jean Tuthill said...

Our temps here in New England have been up and down, too, but we have not had any snow to speak of. One big storm on Oct 30 and that's been it. We are waiting for the "other shoe to fall", so to speak. haha It's been nice, not having to shovel yet. I still have some plant life out there, pansies and cabbages! Stay warm!