Friday, August 7, 2009

Been Thinkin' ' fabulous careers!

I never thought I'd be
a nurse,
but I'm always on call, even at 3 a.m., yes I am.
I never thought I'd be
a taxi driver through snow or rain or shine,
but I am, yes I am.
I never thought I'd have
the love of a man, a special one, faithful and true,
wasn't pretty enough, chatty enough, sweet enough,
but I do, oh yes I do.
I never thought I'd be
a music teacher,
and hear those random melodies become one with harmony,
and bear a song, a lovely song.
I never thought I'd be an octopus,
and perform with greatest of ease,
as though I had 8 arms and wipe a nose and
scramble eggs, as I talk on the phone and kiss and squeeze.
I never thought I'd be a philosopher,
and understand the lessons I learned as a child that would
serve me so well - now I know why.
I never thought I'd run a laundry,
and iron and fold my client's clothes.
I never thought I'd be a safety patrol,
and keep an eye on my children as they come and go.
I never thought I'd be a Doctor,
and work tirelessly to heal broken hearts
and mend shattered dreams.
I never thought I'd be a cheerleader,
tall and thin, with platinum blonde all shiny and prim,
but I am - "Way to go girl!" and "Woo hoo! Look at him!"
I never thought I'd be a vet or "bug-ol-ogist",
and harbor ferrets and crickets and an array of
other creepy crawly pets.
I never thought I'd be an author,
and write books upon books of cute things spoken or
record memories never lost or broken.
I never thought I'd be a translator,
of tiny sobbing voices, or baby ways of getting a point across, or teenage emotions - some lively, some cross.
I never thought I'd be a famous hairstylist,
cutting and clipping the mane of my men or setting a
bow all perky and trim.
I never thought I'd be an event planner,
turning meager meals into banquets and birthdays on a shoestring into an unforgettable bash.
I never thought I'd be a speech pathologist,
and instruct correctly spoken grammer to insure an appropriately perceived IQ!
I never thought I'd be a family counselor,
to balance the emotions of siblings of which they didn't get to choose.
I never thought I'd be an architech,
building doll house dreams, and making snow fort castles while
shaping lives and hearts to grow into a strong edifice of character.
I never thought I'd be a housekeeper,
and entertain the finest of guests for 18 or 19 years per request.
I never thought I'd be a theologian,
and strive to explain the mysteries of God to my tiny clan.
I never thought I'd be a nanny,
where other children are always welcome in our yard, that's best.
I never ever ever thought I'd be a teacher,
but my oh my the teaching never ends.
I never thought I'd be an astronautical engineer, (is there such a thing?),
making paper airplanes precise or simply upon a whim.
I never thought I'd be a boo boo kisser,
dream catcher, bible teacher, poison ivy scratcher, CIA secret keeper, liaison, miracle grower from babies to men, bad habit trimmer, devotional leader, lullaby singer, ripped knees repairer, driving instructor,
story teller, memory maker, tradition keeper, silent listener, complaint taker, homework tracker, bookbag holder, paper keeper, bed maker, yucky ucky job encourager, project manager, customer service rep. when my kids are away, list maker, temperature taker, hug giver, high five taker, bottom wiper, wave giver, um, oh yeah dish washer, tireless advocate,
unconditional love giver.
Hhmmm, should I go on?
I never in my wildest of dreams and extreme imaginations
thought I'd achieve such marvelous and fabulous success with all of these careers.
Oh, I LOVE what I do, passionately and true.
ALL OF IT, I do. I do!
For you see?
I'm just a mom! Yep, that's absolutely ALL I do!
Yeah, really, that's ALL I do!
c: Rachel Easley Going


Claudia said...

I love this, Rachel! Did you write it? You are fabulous and I know you excel at everything as a Mom. Thanks so much for this - it is lovely.

Anonymous said...

"I never thought I'd be an author,
and write books upon books of cute things spoken or
record memories never lost or broken."
NOW you must write the book about the lives of your Mother and Daddy. You can call it 'I'm not the Baby just the Youngest'. Mr. Poe

Esther said...

Totally and completely amazing, Rachel! I stand in awe! Both for your writing ability and your 'mom' ability! You're very special!

Love you!


pamperedgirl38 said...

That was awesome! Did you write that? If so kudos! You are a super mom I'm sure! We all are right. Traci

KEITH said...


pse said...

I agree with Mr. Poe! We eagerly await to read the story of Mother and Daddy's lives through the eyes of the Youngest.

pse said...

P.S. Awesome career well done!

salmagundi said...

Beautifully written!! Your words justify the 41 years I have spent being a stay at home mom. Granted my kids are grown and don't live at my house anymore, but 'once a parent, always a parent'!!! Keep writing. Sally

Sharon said...

That's really cute and so true too!!!

Have a great weekend!

Hugs, Sharon

Mom said...

How neat, Rachel! So well written, there is not a greater job in the world than being a Mom.

Mom Going said...

That last one was me, Rachel. Mom Going. I just hit the wrong button before I was finished.

blushing rose said...

Once a Mother, always a Mother! So poignant & lovely your words. TY for sharing. You also have a graet sense of humor. TTFN ~Marydon

Rebecca said...


Did you write this? Are you kidding me? You need to be published.

I can say I KNEW YOU WHEN!


Donnie said...

Dear Rachel,
No words can express the amazing ability you use that God has given you, your depth of thought and ability to get it into words. Your "getting" to be the youngest of the 10 has given you the advantage of all the knowledge Mother and Daddy learned over the years of having, raising and teaching the rest of us.
You are doing a wonderful job in your most of all important career's
Have a wonderful day,
Love you, Donnie

June said...

You write so eloquently. I loved this! Everything in my heart is here in this post.

TattingChic said...

This is a lovely poem. :)

Kelee Katillac said...

This is GREAT Rachel!!!!

Truly love are EVERYTHING!

love, kelee

FrancisMoore said...

Rachel, I wonder what you would be worth monetary wise if you were paid the going rate for each of these jobs. I know that money can't buy the love you have for God, family, friends, etc. This was beautifully written. I do think it could be published. Francis C. Moore


Beautifully written Rachel and interesting!


Vicki said...

Wonderful poem, Rachel! You said it all so I don't think there is any more I can add. Thank you for sharing. Vicki

Laurel said...

Rachel, I can't begin to tell you how awesome this is and I can relate so well to so many things. One thing I haven't done yet is send one off to college which we are attempting to do. I will be in Indi on Mon. evening and part of Tues. and then later in the week. Would love to see you again. Love, Laurel

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

what a delightful post!

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful!! I'd love to have a copy of it! Awesome job! Lynette

Dawn said...

I think you deserve a raise, or at least a few more sweet hugs everyday!


Ray said...

Rachel, thanks for taking the time to reflect on the varied assignments and ministries of "MomHood!" EVERY adult how has any skills in observation and thinking will be able to relate to something that you have said. You have written an incredible tribute to every caring mom out there. You have written an excellent tribute to our Mother. Love you. Ray

Joy said...

That was soooooo beautiful! I have 4 sons (3-10-17-19). This seems to speak to me as a mother. Thank you so very much for sharing that.
God bless

Stacey said...

Rachel, I think that's one of the best things I've read in my adult life! Quick - copyright your words!! You will be famous. :)

Ronda said...

What beautiful tribute to being a Mom! Love your thoughts, Rachel. Girl...You need to publish this! :)

darnold23 said...

This is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Picket said...

Ohhhh that is just too sweet and ohhhh so true! lol Hope you have a great week girl.

Joy said...

How true.. Mom is one of the hardest jobs out there!

Daisy Cottage said...


Love this Rachel - love YOU!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Well! :) THAT is just so precious! I would hug you if I could. Look at you and know I was looking at someone so special ..and then I would hug you again.
:) I loved it! It said so much about the sort of mother and person you are. I am honored to know you. You said it all, and SO well!
My children were my career also..and I loved it. The one thing in life I would do all over be a mother..
~smiles and love~

Debi said...

Racheal dear,
I love your many jobs!! I have never thought of describing my jobs as such... you gave them all new meaning!! And with such a great syntiment also!! (I know my spelling leaves something to be desired!) Thank you soo much for sharing it with us!! :D
Debi xo

Lynne said...

Beautiful, and so so so so TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!